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Group therapy

Group therapy

Anyone with an interest in the NHS will be fully aware of the plight of our mental health services. Then again, maybe not, because, despite a number of worrying stories concerning contracting budgets, shrinking numbers of acute beds and vastly overst…
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17 hours agoGroup therapy
What's up, doc?

What’s up, doc?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing isn’t it? Apparently, professional musicians find it hard to enjoy listening to music – especially their own - because all they hear are the little mistakes and variations that pass the rest of us by. It’s prob…
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7 days agoWhat’s up, doc?
What's the point?

What’s the point?

Stewart Laing
Once the exclusive privilege of male property owners and only a relatively recent ‘luxury’ afforded to all free persons in the UK over a certain age. Something past generations were willing to die for. The right to vote. Hailed as a cornerston…
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2 weeks agoWhat’s the point?
Why we'll all enjoy seeing less of Sir David...

Why we’ll all enjoy seeing less of Sir D…

This week saw the finale of the first series of Roy Lilley’s Health Chats. Organised by nhsManagers, with a little help from Salix, the Health Chats have spanned Lilley’s colourful cast of high profile characters. From Lady Gaga (Clare Gerada),…
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3 weeks agoWhy we’ll all enjoy seeing less of Sir D…
nhsManagers' HealthChat with Sir David Nicholson

nhsManagers’ HealthChat with Sir David N…

Stewart Laing
At the sold out nhsManagers’ HealthChat, on his final day as chief executive of NHS England, Sir David Nicholson gave an interesting and frank perspective from his time at the top of our heath service. Roy Lilley began proceedings by asking Sir David…
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3 weeks agonhsManagers’ HealthChat with Sir David N…


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