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You’d get in trouble at Asda if  you jumped on the conveyor belt (fun as it might be). So why should you do it when it comes to your life? Chris Woodhead (ex-school inspector for the queen, don’t cha know), says that not going to – or getting into – uni shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing:

You stepped onto a conveyor belt when you went to school and you have never had the chance to get off. You have it now and the best thing you could do might be to take it.

Chris’s words may ring a few bells for some of you, who might feel like you’ve been carried along throughout your school career without necessarily having any say in the matter – or feeling particularly engaged. Last year 19 year old Anya Reiss became the youngest person EVER to stage a play in London, when her play Spur of the Moment debuted at the Royal Court Theatre. University educated? No, actually. Anya too felt like her education was becoming a bit of a treadmill, and decided to jump off and do her own thing:

I’d had enough of being told what to read and having to revise for exams that you are told don’t actually matter only after you’ve taken them… It’s always the next lot that they tell you are really going to count… There’s always another hoop to jump through.

Bells still ringing? Well, either you’ve got tinnitus or it’s time to have a think about your relationship with education. Education, despite what your own experiences have been, should never feel like a treadmill. It should stimulate, enrich and inspire you, and leave you with a fresh perspective on life. Some people just don’t get that from academic education – and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are many ways to be educated, and this is something that people are really starting to become aware of right now (open any newspaper and you’ll see). There’s vocational education. There’s apprenticeships. There’s on the job experience. There’s the good old school of life that’s there to teach you so much.

So if you feel like you’re on a conveyor belt, maybe it’s time to checkout (see what we did there?) – and have a think about alternatives to university that just might suit you better.

uni’s not for me has landed – the one stop shop for young people thinking about alternatives to university. Looking for information, ideas and inspiration about what to do next? Or got some advice or experiences you’d like to share with others? Grab yourself a cuppa and drop in…

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