Our roots

Salix is Latin for willow. Aspirin was originally made from willow bark. It’s no coincidence. Our ability to provide fast, effective relief to the most challenging of communications headaches has made us a go to name for organisations in the health, education and social sectors.

Our team’s entire careers have been spent in communications and strategic development, with backgrounds in government policy, healthcare, education and respected academic and third sector organisations meaning our campaigns  informed by in-depth research, sector insight, excellent networks and audience understanding.

We’ work with an impressive network of associates from a wide range of disciplines if we need specialist experience or skills – or if we just need an extra pair of hands to make sure we deliver programmes on schedule.

We’re passionate about social enterprise and our work is often in the public interest with innovative campaigns that measurably improve outcomes. We don’t have all the answers but have invested many years getting to know the people who do and this intelligence is always shared with our clients.

This is our word tree. All the words come from our clients.