Salix was founded by by Sarah and Angus Wrixon in 2008. Both have backgrounds in top ten marketing and communications agencies and latterly in national communications roles for the Department of Health and NHS respectively. Our talented team has grown since then to include Antonia, Louise, George, Hannah, Becky, Isobel, Daloni, Susan, David and a wide network of specialist associates. We are privileged to have Trevor Morris, former CEO of the Chime PR group, as our chairman.

Sarah Wrixon, managing director. A strategic thinker with a hands-on attitude and a proven track record in leading communications within complex, multi stakeholder organisations. Former MD of Pomegranate PR and national communications director of the NHS Working in Partnership Programme.

Greatest influence? Professionally, Trevor Morris, a great thinker and charmer who we’re privileged to have as chairman and latterly, Personally, my mother for her innate style and creativity and my father for his patience and optimism.
Desert island book: Anything by Sebastian Faulks
Most admired communicator: Evan Davis, Today Programme
Most used media outlet: BBC online, Twitter
Greatest passion: Food grown in the right place and eaten at the right time
Greatest achievement: Teenage children who still talk to us and sometimes even smile at us

Angus Wrixon, client services director. Former communications director, Community Pharmacy, Department of Health. Health communications and marketing specialist with wide reaching networks.

Greatest influence? My co-founder
Desert island box set? Mad Men
Most challenging communications situation? With my teenage children and their friends – usually around midnight on a Saturday evening
Greatest achievement? Communicating with my teenage children and their friends – usually around midnight on a Saturday evening
Greatest passion? Natural world. My father was a working farmer who also presented the BBC Farming programme so nature and media are  in my blood.
Most used media outlet? BBC online

Chairman Trevor Morris is one of the most respected figures in the PR industry. Academic, author of a number of seminal books on the PR sector, fellow of the PRCA, he was CEO of Chime Communications, the UK’s leading public relations group, for many years.

Greatest influence? Lord Tim Bell
Desert island book? The Leopard by Guiseppe Lampedusa
Most challenging communications situation? Any that requires people to change their behaviour
Greatest passion? Fulham Football Club
Most used media outlet? BBC News online



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